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Its not much but its a start...
Maybe it's just me, but I get genuinely ticked whenever I find a repost on dA. Not a re-upload by the author I mean someone else sharing an image, like its fucking tumblr or something.

Personally I've had to shut down at least a dozen or so of these little mini-bloggers and now I'm starting to wonder;

Is it just me, or am I over reacting?

Does everyone not view dA in the same regard I do? I may not have been here for very long or even contributed as much as I'd like or want too, but in my time here I've realised this is the place for artists and content creators to get the attention they deserve.

Seeing someone repost artwork, no credit given to the original artist hurts in a lot more ways then one.

Then again, most of the time they had good intentions. They liked something, they wanted to share it. Nothing wrong with that, right? But from what I understand is that if you post to this site, you are claiming you own it.

I'm just starting to believe I'm holding this place in a higher regard then it actually is or from what the general public has accepted.

12am. Daylight saving time subtracting from that or not I still have to get up at 3am for work. Too riled up to make proper arguments, too dreary to fix mistakes. Not that I've ever had the capacity to do so anyway.

But if anyone is unlucky enough to stumble upon my half asleep ramblings on; am I wrong? Is there something I am missing?


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